By Chris Edwards

Towson over Connecticut. North Dakota State over Kansas State. Eastern Washington over Oregon State and McNeese State over South Florida.

Those games were scheduled as "gimmies" for teams in the FBS Subdivision. Instead, they were ambushed by their FCS opponents.

Not to say all FCS are bad teams, because some of them are champions or playoff contenders in their classification. But the FBS teams are supposed to be head and shoulders, at least talent-wise, above teams in the FCS.

Maybe that's not the case anymore, as we should've learned when Appalachian State stunned a Michigan team thought to be a contender for the national championship. If that wasn't enough, two weeks later James Madison walked into Blacksburg, Virginia and beat 13th ranked Virginia Tech.

FBS teams shouldn't be looking ahead when they schedule the FCS schools anymore. Most of the time, the FBS teams will win, but in some cases there will be some stunners.

The biggest this week was Eastern Washington beating 25th ranked Oregon State. FCS champion North Dakota State beat a highly regarded Kansas State team coming off a BCS bowl berth. McNeese State ran roughshod over South Florida, 53-21. I know South Florida isn't a powerhouse, but still.

I guess this falls into the let this be a lesson to you category. FCS teams aren't the pushovers we thought they were.


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