By Josh Dhani

It looks like Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Cary Williams still isn't able to get Riley Cooper's racial slur video out of his head, as he was involved in a scuffle with the wide receiver earlier this week in practice.

During the fight, quarterback Michael Vick had to separate the two. Williams has had a history of anger issues, so it wasn't a huge surprise why he did what he did with Cooper the other day.

However, Vick advises Williams to start controlling his temper more, because it could cost the Eagles down the road this season.

“Cary understands that we need him on the football field, not to be hot-headed at times," Vick said. "We know he’s a guy who’s very into his work and what we do, and he can’t be high-strung all the time. He’s got to stay even-keel like everybody else, just out of respect for the game more than anything.”

Vick kept telling Williams to focus not on Cooper, but on Philadelphia's Week 1 matchup against Robert Griffin III and the Washington Redskins on Monday night.

“We’ve got to focus on winning this game. Cary’s OK. He understands that he has to control his temper sometimes, we all do, but we all are men at the end of the day and sometimes tempers do flare, but that’s normal.”

Let's hope Cary Williams can start controlling himself and his temper more often this season, or else it will really start to get out of hand. 


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