By Josh Dhani

Video footage was released on Thursday during a Philadelphia Eagles practice that showed wide receiver Riley Cooper and Cary Williams fighting and coming to blows after a play.

Cooper was notoriously seen at a concert during the summer saying racial slurs, which led to the immediate news of his scuffle with Williams Thursday.

LeSean McCoy said it best: "Any time there's something extra on the field with Riley and another teammate or an opponent, that's the first thing that's going to come up -- especially if the guy's black."

Cooper insists that the fight had nothing to do with his racial slur incident, but reports say that Williams shouted "I'm not a n----- you mess with" to Cooper multiple times during practice.

Philly.com has the full story on what went on: 

Williams used a racial slur during the incident, according to an Eagle that was near the altercation. According to the player, Williams said to Cooper more than once, “I’m not a n- you [mess] with.”

The scuffle occurred during one-on-one individual drills. The players got mixed up and fell to the ground. Cooper got up and went at Williams, who responded with punches. “Just one-on-ones,” Cooper said. “Both being super competitive, going for the ball, and we were tangled.”
Williams likely hasn't gotten over what Cooper said, which is understandable. Last month, he was quoted saying the following after the racial slur incident by Cooper:

“This is hard to talk about, man. It’s tough, me being an African American and to say that hurts me. It’s a derogatory word. I don’t know him. I did see the tape. It’s disheartening for a guy to say something like that. You’re angry. There are several other words he could have said. But he used something that was over the top.”
Here is the full video below of the fight the fight between Riley Cooper and Cary Williams:


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