By Josh Dhani

The Golden State Warriors enter the upcoming season with a legit chance of competing for an NBA championship now.

The Warriors have made big moves this offseason, most notably signing Andre Iguodala. They enter next season with a stacked core that features Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Harrison Barnes, Iggy, Andrew Bogut, David Lee and a lot more.

With that, it was no surprise that the sales of season tickets had to be booming for this year. In fact, Golden State sold more than 14,000 season ticket packages.

To show gratitude and appreciation to its fans, the Warriors decided to give back to a fan who put the season ticket sales over the 14,000-mark.

Watch in the video below as Harrison Barnes buys a Warriors season ticket holder's seats for the whole entire season:

The guy definitely seemed a lot calmer than what most people would react to it as.

Anyways, a very nice gesture by the Warriors and Harrison Barnes with this. Nice job. 


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