LeBron James was a star football player when playing at high school. Though he never turned out to be an NFL player, he's done pretty nicely playing basketball in the NBA, as he's considered the best basketball player on the planet right now. 

James was in attendance for the Ohio State-Wisconsin game on Saturday night, and he offered a very interesting quote when speaking to ABC's Heather Cox. James was quoted saying that football was his favorite sport — not basketball.

Now, of course, this definitely reminds us of another legendary basketball player who's favorite sport isn't the one he got famous off of. Michael Jordan was quite the baseball fanatic, and even left the NBA for two years as he tried pursuing a career in the MLB. 

Could LeBron pull off the same thing? Being 6-foot-8, 260 pounds, having great speed and strength, James definitely could make a fit for the NFL. Now, of course, this is wwwwaaaaaayyyyy far-fetched, but you can't help to wonder, right? I mean, no one saw the idea of MJ leaving the NBA for two-year baseball career at all. 

Plus, this can set up for the perfect conspiracy theories with James leaving the NBA to play in the NFL for two years. This then sets things up for Dwight Howard's Houston Rockets to win the NBA Finals in those two years. Yep, this will definitely ring a bell to the mid-90s when Hakeem Olajuwon took two championships for Houston during MJ's absence. 

If that were to happen, I'd love to see LeBron on the Cleveland Browns. It would only be right. 

This article was written by Josh Dhani. Follow him on Twitter here and read more of his work here


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