By Josh Dhani

The 2013 NFL Roster Cuts had a lot of surprising ones, such as when the Green Bay Packers released backup quarterback Vince Young.

Young was mostly good throughout the preseason, and many assumed he had won the second-string QB job after the team released Graham Harrell.

Strangely, Young ended up getting cut as the Packers decided to roll with B.J. Coleman as the new backup quarterback. However, Coleman was released on Monday, as the Packers signed recently-released San Francisco 49ers quarterback Senenca Wallace to be the new backup.

To put a long story short, the Packers went on a roller coaster ride with their backup QBs in under 48 hours.

Packers general manager Ted Thompson takes the blame for it, largely for the release of Vince Young. Thompson admitted Young did good and was a solid teammate, but thinks that the former Texas Longhorn had too much on his plate entering scenario so late.

"Frankly, it wasn't fair to Vince. We threw a lot at Vince. A lot on his plate. He was a good teammate. The fault is probably mine. Should have brought him in sooner. The fault is mine."

Young just didn't have enough time to learn the full playbook and everything. In fact, he might have just helped Young to avoid scrutiny if were to come in during a game in the regular season if Aaron Rodgers got hurt somehow.

Expect Young to find a home sometime this season. He definitely deserves one.


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