Love him or hate him, Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees is doing the right thing. . . for himself, of course. Had he not appealed, A-Rod would have lost out on a lot of money. Given his stature and the degree of the accusation, this appeal was expected to be a long, drawn-out process.

Major League Baseball recently finished telling their side of the story, which took only five-to-eight days (please note the sarcasm). Now, Rodriguez’s team of very expensive lawyers will be given some time to figure out their response to the MLB’s accusations. While it is uncertain the exact start date, it is expected to resume at a certain point in November.

This “trial” is obviously important for the Alex Rodriguez, but it also has massive implications for the New York Yankees. If the 211-game suspension is upheld, the Yankees will not have to pay the $25 million salary that they owe to Rodriguez.

Given that there have been reports of another big spending spree in the offseason, this would come as a big boost to the Yankees' capabilities.

Stay tuned for our next installment of the Alex Rodriguez saga.

[Standing O Sports]


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