Man, who knew Marco Belinelli was such a dog? The San Antonio Spurs veteran apparently wanted to get some action very quickly from a girl on Twitter, as he followed her and tried giving her the pipe like JR Smith once attempted a while back.

Belinelli, who asked for sex in the weirdest way possible to the girl on the Twitter DM, ended up getting rejected. Of course, the sharpshooting guard ended up unfollowing her for not accepting his offer.

Take a look at the events unfold below:

Yep, Belinelli definitely should have taken the JR Smith route. He should've said, "You want the pipe?" instead of being so obvious of what he wanted from her.

Then again, this all could be one huge plot twist and that Belinelli was actually talking about a breadstick, a chunk of lasagna or a large string of spaghetti. Maybe he had too much sauce on his fingers and ended up typing his message in a very wrongly-convincing way.

But it's funnier if we go with the first option, since that was likely the case. Keep trying, Marco! 

By Josh Dhani


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