Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 8.53.51 PMArbitrator Fredric Horowitz is expected to make a ruling on Alex Rodriguez’s 211-game suspension any day now, perhaps as early as tomorrow.

In what could be looked at as a sharp about-face from his stance in November, Rodriguez is reportedly considering taking a reduced suspension. What a difference a few weeks can make, especially while looking over your bank statements.

Wallace Matthews of ESPN writes that according to a source “in A-Rod’s camp," Rodriguez is considering accepting a reduced punishment rather than continue his fight against MLB in court.
According to the source, a suspension longer than 100 games will likely cause Rodriguez and his attorneys to pursue a temporary restraining order against Horowitz’s ruling in federal court.

If he is given a shorter suspension, however, “then Alex will have some things to think about,” the source told ESPNNewYork.com.

According to the source, who has been privy to some internal discussions in the Rodriguez camp, the player is weighing the financial implications of continuing to fight this battle versus accepting a suspension that will allow him to take the field sometime in the second half of the coming season.

Taking his battle into the courtroom will cost Rodriguez “at least $10 million, with no guarantee of winning,” said the source, while a 100-game ban would cost him $15,425,000 of his scheduled $25 million salary for 2014.

If Rodriguez takes this route, it would be major change in strategy from his stance in November where he vowed that he “shouldn’t have to serve one inning." Rodriguez is a wealthy man, however he knows he’s looking at one expensive fight if he pursues this into 2014, not to mention the mental strain it’ll continue to have on him and his camp.

If there is anything we’ve come to find out with Rodriguez though, it is that he’s known to go left just when it makes all the sense in the world for him to get right.


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