Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 10.07.30 AMKevin Durant made headlines last night when the Oklahoma City Thunder star small forward "accidentally" posted a photo of himself on Twitter blowing smoke from what is likely a hookah.

Here was the photo that drew controversy, as many suspected it was marijuana or something else at first:
ku-xlargeThat is most definitely hookah smoke, and Durant admitted it after saying he was hacked on his Twitter account.




Most athletes in the past have said they were hacked whenever something goes wrong on their Twitter account. However, teammate Nick Collison says KD is telling the truth when he sent this tweet to Deadspin:


This definitely is weird. I mean, Durant is smart enough to not post a picture, even by accident, of himself smoking. Nonetheless, people shouldn't be making too much of a big deal over the picture.


Like I said, if we were making a big deal over KD smoking a hookah, why not get mad at athletes like Michael Jordan who smoked cigars? Cigars are a lot worse than hookah, if you take the time to look it up what a hookah is since a lot of people had no idea what it was in the first place when the picture was posted.

What Durant did is definitely not on the level of smoking weed and such. However, people do like to make the assumption since the Thunder just came off a game against the Nuggets, who are in Denver... where marijuana was made legal.

Of course, we all know the NBA drug testing policy is a joke. It's possible that Durant probably has done weed in his day or still does occasionally. The NBA probably hosts the most players who smoke weed.

But as of right now, Durant is clean and we shouldn't fault at him for doing something that isn't really big of a deal.

As for his Twitter account, it will remain a mystery for now on how and who sent that tweet.


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