hi-res-460804083-defensive-back-jahleel-addae-of-the-san-diego-chargers_crop_northThe San Diego Chargers are probably one of the hottest teams entering the postseason, and for good reason.

After barely squeaking by the Kansas City Chiefs to make the postseason last week, the Chargers proved they made it into the playoffs for a reason after whooping the Cincinnati Bengals' butts in Sunday's Wild Card matchup with a 27-10 victory.

With the win, the Chargers have now won six straight games. They will now face the Denver Broncos next in the Divisional Round next week. They have given Peyton Manning and the Broncos some trouble in the past, like most recently on the road in a 27-20 upset victory last month.

Even if the Chargers have been proven to pull off an upset next week, they also have history on their side as well. How so? Well, blame the Philadelphia Eagles season-opener curse. Yes, that's right.

For the past four years, whatever team that faces the Eagles in the season-opener has gone on to win the Super Bowl. Take a look:


Now, of course, this could all be just some big coincidence. But the fact that the Chargers are red-hot right now and look like a team that the Broncos should fear, it may very well happen that they go on to win the Super Bowl.

Another thing to point out that helps the Chargers is that the No. 6 seed in the playoffs has gone 5-1 against the No. 1 seed since 2005, so that helps them even more on their road trip to Denver next week.

So lighten up, Chargers fans, your team may very well take home the Lombardi trophy finally.


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