Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 2.53.12 PMStraight from the files of “Are you kidding me?” comes another one involving JR Smith.

The Knicks are 12-22 on the season and are trying not to lose any more ground in their division.

They have a franchise player in Carmelo Anthony who could be counting down the days until he becomes a free agent this summer. Then there is JR Smith, whose act has become so tired that his days as a Knick could be numbered.

ESPN reports that the Knicks are indeed exploring trade scenarios for Smith.
Sources close to the situation said Wednesday that the organization has become increasingly frustrated with Smith’s on- and off-court transgressions and may feel a fresh start would be best for all parties….

The news came down shortly after Smith was fined $50,000 by the NBA for “recurring instances of unsportsmanlike conduct." Smith was cited for untying opposing player's shoes — yeah, that’s right, untying the opposing player's shoes.

Smith was warned about this before and then proceeded to go right ahead and do it again. That was enough for the league, which already has a list of off-the-court issues involving Smith to justify every dollar of the latest fine he was hit with.

There comes a time where a line has to be drawn and the Knicks could very well be ready to do just that with Smith. The problem with trying to move Smith is his contract, as it’s just as bad as the numbers he’s posting on the court this season.
Due to the nature of his contract, Smith cannot be traded prior to Jan. 15. The Knicks, furthermore, privately acknowledge that it will be difficult in the current climate to trade Smith, who has two seasons left after this one on a three-year, $18 million contract.

Teams know the Knicks will not be trading from a position of strength should they attempt to offer Smith in a deal. His performance on the court has been dismal this season and the list of issues off the court make it almost impossibly for a return of equal value.

All of that being noted, this is still something the Knicks are going to have to look into because enough is enough.

How many times can you tell a grown man to grow up?


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