aaron hernandez february 2014

Looks like trying to be innocent for a murder trial isn't the only thing on Aaron Herndanez's mind, as he beat up a fellow inmate who harassed him at the Bristol County Jail, according to the New York Daily News. Hernandez, 24, reportedly "beat the snot out of" a fellow prisoner on Tuesday at the detention center in Massachusetts.

Due to his high profile, the former New England Patriots tight end had mostly been isolated from all the other inmates until he was allowed to walk in the hallway that day. There, Hernandez had his chance to beat up the guy who kept heckling him, reports say.

Right now, there's no indication if Hernandez will receive punishment for beating up the inmate. There is no word of what the condition of the inmate is either.

Hernandez has been in jail since June 26 as he awaits his murder trial for the killing of Odin Lloyd.


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