dmx george zimmerman february 2014

The DMX vs George Zimmerman celebrity boxing fight match has been cancelled, according to the fight's promoter Damon Feldman. After tons of controversy ensued following the news over it, the fight has been called off.

Many people were upset with the fact that it was a way for Zimmerman to make a couple quick bucks. The sadder part of it was that he was actually considered a celebrity.

Feldman explained the fight being cancelled in a series of tweets:
"The George Zimmerman fight is cancelled. I'm sorry for anyone I hurt with this but this was a very big opportunity thank you. I want to thank everyone for the good and bad comments. I've made the choice to cancel the fight with George Zimmermann more to life than money. It was my decision to cancel the George Zimmerman fight. It was worth a lot of money to me, but people's feelings meant more to me. I walked away from a million dollar payday with this fight, but to be honest I'd rather be happy and make people happy thank you."

It didn't look like the fight was bound to happen anyway. There wasn't too much news surrounding it. It just seemed like all talk the whole time.

Then again, both men could have greatly benefited from it. DMX is broke and lost all his millions of dollars and could use some money. Zimmerman is also broke.

The only way this fight would have been enjoyable is if rapper The Game were the challenger, since we all know he'd beat the living daylights out of Zimmerman. DMX? Not so much. Dude has been on crack and looked like he may not have stood a chance against Zimmerman.

I'm just glad, like many other people, that it didn't happen.



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