NBA deputy commissioner Adam Silver speaks during a press conference to announce the 2015 NBA All-Star weekend in New York City at Industria Superstudio. The skill competition will be held at the Barclays Center and the All-Star game will be held at Madison Square Garden.

The NBA's current age limit is 19 years old, but it could be raised to 20 by new league commissioner Adam Silver. NBA.com's Scott Howard-Cooper has the report:


Silver fills in for David Stern, who served as the league's commissioner for 30 years. Silver, who was the deputy commish under Stern, hopes to live up to and surpass the impactful legacy Stern left behind.

Much controversy has been made by the NBA age limit. Raising it to 19 caused many issues on the college basketball field, with more and more prospects heading down the one-and-done route instead of building up there game in college.

In fact, more are in favor of lowering the age limit back to 18 years old. However, many were concerned about how many busts there were and how unexperienced many players became coming out of high school.

With that, other have suggested other things such as raising the age limit to 21 or 22 years of age, or whenever the players finishes three or four years of playing college ball.

It's a never-ending debate, but raising it to 20 will definitely cause waves across country.


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