Indiana Pacers v Miami Heat - Game Two

With all of the rumors surrounding Danny Granger going to the Miami Heat, it appears that the players in South Beach would not be a fan of such a signing. Granger is expected to be bought out by the Philadelphia 76ers so he can go to a contender like Miami.

It's unknown if Granger wants to go to the Heat, based off his recent past with the team like in 2012 NBA Playoffs. Granger annoyed the crap out of LeBron James during that Indiana Pacers-Heat series in the second round, and it appears that many of the players still remember those events.

Instead, Heat players, such as Dwyane Wade, would prefer if Miami signed Caron Butler, via the Miami Herald:
Heat players would clearly prefer [Caron] Butler; he and Dwyane Wade are close from their days as Heat teammates, and Granger irritated the Heat’s stars by getting in their faces after fouls in the 2012 playoffs. At the time, LeBron James called Granger’s conduct “stupid.”

Granger was traded to the 76ers during the 2014 NBA Trade Deadline and is looking to play for a championship contender. Looks like San Antonio and OKC will be his options, or others if available.


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