donald sterling baron davisOn Saturday, Grantland uploaded a YouTube video from a snippet of an interview with Baron Davis talking about Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling.

“He would call me a bastard, the devil, crazy and other curse words all the time," Davis said.  “He would always shout at me saying why are you shooting the f’ing ball, stop shooting the f’ing ball.

"If he wasn't there, I would be full of confidence and evidently play better, but if he walked in I would start having anxiety problems which I never had anywhere else."

This just adds to the mounting pressure and gaining evidence against Sterling, and the league has got to act upon it. A similar case like this happened in MLB with Marge Scott, who was then removed from baseball operations and sold the club within the next year.

The NBA is going to have to act fast in the short term, suspending Sterling from the playoffs and deal with it in the offseason.

The video of the Baron Davis interview is below:



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