The Indiana Pacers have been riding a struggle bus for the past few weeks, and recently lost out on the East's first seed position to the Miami Heat. Though still in contention, the chemistry isn't helping them and if they keep up these ways, they'll be stuck with the second seed and could be headed for failure in the postseason.

It doesn't help when center Roy Hibbert sounded off on the Pacers following a loss to the Washington Wizards last week, as he called several of the players on his team "selfish."

Vogel wasn't a fan of Hibbert's comments and talked about why his team shouldn't be talking about things to the media that should stay in the locker room.

"It bothers me. Guys should never air in-house stuff to the media. I talked to the team about it today (Wednesday)… It was a weird thing. Roy said it a couple of days ago (after the Washington loss) and nobody really caught onto it until (recently)," Vogel said, per Bleacher Report. "So I made sure to tell them that A) I don’t believe we have ‘selfish dudes’ in our locker room and B) whatever you might want to say about your teammates, don’t say it to the media. We have to get that stopped."

Hopefully for Indiana's sake, going back to their winning ways can end all this madness.


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