Former Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson now has 24 million reasons to clean up his act with a new team. The Washington Redskins snatched up the free agent this week and will guarantee him $16 million over the term of the three-year contract.

The Redskins have just $6.5 million in cap space left this season, so Jackson will likely make the bulk of this year's pay via a signing bonus.

Reports about Jackson's decision to move over to a rival team (Redskins play the Eagles twice a year) indicate that no other team offered Jackson more than the 'Skins.

Jackson was released by the Eagles last week in a move that appeared to be motivated by reports tying Jackson to known gang members. The Eagles also expressed concern about Jackson's rocky relationship with team management.

Newly-annointed Washington head coach Jay Gruden comes from a solid football family, and he obviously knows how to handle questionable character and unruly behavior.

He took Jackson to dinner early in the recruitment process while both Robert Griffin III and DeAngelo Hall were both trying to convince Jackson to make the move to D.C.

During an interview with ESPN 980's Inside The Locker Room, Jackson described how he made sure to get an extra steak to make the bill as high as he could for Gruden.

"He's sitting there watching me, and he was like, 'Man, you can eat a little bit.' I'm like, 'Yeah, but I ain't gonna gain no weight, coach.' We popped off that first night, man. We popped off. We had a great conversation," Jackson said.

"D-Jax" is also already making a compromise with Robert Griffin III over their jersey number (10). Jackson will wear No. 11 next season, which means Redskins fans can rest easy if they already have a RGIII jersey.

Jackson chalked up 6,117 receiving yards on 356 receptions for 32 touchdowns in his time with Philadelphia. He also has nearly 1,300 punt return yards and four touchdowns.

His presence will take pressure off all the other Redskins receivers and running back Alfred Morris. RGIII will finally have a wide array of target options down field, and the extra passing threat will also make it easier for Griffin to scamper on his own for a first down every now and then.

Jay Gruden will have no trouble making this offense work wonders for him, and the team's dismal finishes the last few years could be a thing of the past if Jackson works out.

Gruden could end up being considered the Coach of the Year if everything falls into place and the team succeeds thanks to his guidance and winning formula.

Whatever happens, it looks like Philadelphia might sincerely regret letting Jackson go, especially if the Redskins win both games against Philly next season with Jackson playing a major role.


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