johnny manziel may 2014Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam made some not-so-encouraging comments on Monday regarding first round NFL draft pick, quarterback Johnny Manziel.

People betting on NFL Futures expect Manziel to flourish with the Browns next season, impacting the team's odds to win in the postseason. Manziel, who will battle with Brian Hoyer for the starting spot in training camp, was told by Haslam to be prep as a backup QB right now.

He said that Manziel should start "acting like a backup quarterback." Haslam did give Johnny Football credit for being an "ultracompetitor," but insisted that Hoyer is starting QB for this team right now.

Other people around the Browns organization such as the players, however, remain more optimistic with Manziel coming in.

"I think good old Johnny Football is going to be a good addition to Cleveland," center Alex Mack said. "Don't know who the starter is going to be, though."

"Coach [Mike] Pettine talked about drafting competition, and I think he stuck to that," tight end Jordan Cameron said. "It seems like it's going to be a lot of competition. We'll see how that battle goes."

Hoyer was solid when he filled in as quarterback for the Browns. The hometown hero led Cleveland to several victories until he went down with an ACL tear injury. Hoyer expected the Browns to draft a QB on Thursday, and he say he's ready for battle.

"Hoyer's going to come out fighting," linebacker Jabaal Sheard said. "I'm not worried about that."

"There's no handing over of the job," Cameron said.

Manziel already has the highest selling jersey since April 2014, and it looks like it's going to stay that way for a bit. Despite Manziel's popularity and the expected media circus it's going to bring to the Browns locker room, the players aren't too worried about it.

"If we win games and he's playing, then it doesn't matter at all," Cameron said.

"It'll help sell tickets, which will make a lot of people smile in the building," Pro Bowl tackle Joe Thomas said. "That's a good thing. ... New England is probably the most secretive of any NFL program, and they still have Tom Brady doing Ugg commercials. He has TMZ following him everywhere he goes.

"It's just a matter of how the player handles it. I don't know Johnny and I haven't met him, but I'm sure he'll have a lot of guidance in how he handles things around here with the attention he's getting."

I'm expecting Manziel to win the QB job, though. Why else did the Browns trade up for him at the No. 22 slot? In addition, I think it's wrong of Haslam to bring out these comments. It brings a bad vibe to Manziel and it doesn't seem all that encouraging.

It's also even more interesting seeing these comments come from Haslam, who vowed to pick him over Teddy Bridgewater with the 22nd pick. Maybe it's all just a fluke.

We'll see how Haslam really feels about Johnny Football once the season begins.


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