nick young steve nash jordan farmar robert sacre 2014

I have no words for this. A couple of Los Angeles Lakers teammates—Nick Young, Steve Nash, Jordan Farmar and Robert Sacre—showed up to a day party recently, and they couldn't have dressed anymore ridiculously. Let'st take a look at their outfits.

For one, Young probably dresses like this on a daily basis. It's why he is called Swaggy P. Young rocks a too short of hoodie with a longer T-shirt underneath, ripped and rolled up jean shorts complimented by long white socks and some weird ass shoes.

Steve Nash, I really don't know what to say. First of all. he's not even wearing shirt, but he rocks the tie still. Then there's the sleeveless coat. Those pants, I don't know man. And then there is fellow point guard Jordan Farmar with a beach outfit complimented by a neon fanny pack.

And there's Robert Sacre, who's honestly dressed like a normal dude. I mean, you know it's bad when Sacre is the most normal looking dude at the party.

And, well, yeah that's the Lakers. Speechless, yet I'm dying of laughter at the same time.


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