Carmelo Anthony July 2014

Carmelo Anthony will have to make a decision during this NBA free agency period that could essentially decide what his career is going to end up like in the future.

Whatever decision he makes, he will have to stick by it for the next four-to-five years. Reports say that after his meeting in Los Angeles with both the Lakers and the New York Knicks, he was offered contracts from both franchises.

Anthony was offered maxes from both squads. The Knicks have five years for $129 million while the Lakers have $97 million over four years. Anthony also has the Chicago Bulls, Dallas Mavericks and Houston Rockets on his radar.

So where will Melo go?

Reports say that all signs point to Anthony staying with the Knicks. And it makes sense. I think Anthony ends up staying, and I have a couple reasons why.

Here are five reasons why Carmelo Anthony should re-sign with the New York Knicks in free agency.

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1) Max Contract

Five years for $129 million? Sure, the Knicks struggled last season and the other offers he got were from playoff contenders, but this is $129 million we're talking about. That is a lot of money!

Anthony will definitely have to take a good, hard and long look at that. The money is just too good. It's one of those things you just can't pass on.

You look at LeBron James, and he seems to regret not taking a max deal all these years. Now after 11 years of never being the highest paid player on his own team, James is looking to take a max deal. And he's the best player in the league.

Look at Anthony, who's top 10, you just can't pass up on this rare opportunity.

2) Home State

Carmelo Anthony was born in the Big Apple. It's a great market for him as it's been shown ever since he joined the Knicks.

Anthony clearly loves New York and his wife does too. His wife, La La, appears to have a big say in where Melo goes. Obviously, she probably wouldn't like moving to Dallas or Houston. Los Angeles and Chicago is possible, but nothing beats New York for the couple.

Anthony grew up a Knicks fan and went to college in New York at Syracuse. He brought a title to Syracuse, and he can do the same for the professional New York basketball team.

It's just a great fit here for Melo.


Flip the page to read how staying in New York can enhance Carmelo's legacy...


3) Phil Jackson Is Making Moves

If the Tyson Chandler trade tells us anything, Knicks president Phil Jackson is certainly capable of making moves. The Knicks now have a better starting point guard in Jose Calderon and they have a good chance of landing power forward Pau Gasol now, too.

But it doesn't look like Jackson will be done from there. He also made great picks in the NBA Draft with Cleanthony Early and Giannis Antetokoumpo's brother. Those were two great value picks that are certainly going to work out on the Knicks roster.

Jackson is likely going to continue to do more if Anthony re-signs. Even though the max contract of Melo takes a slight hit, the Knicks roster still looks good enough to make a run back at the playoffs.

4) Weak Eastern Conference Allows Knicks to Contend

Unless if Carmelo is teaming up somewhere with LeBron James or going to the Miami Heat with him, staying with the Knicks is the safest option. He gets the most money and this is the best team he can be with that will be a title contender.

Derrick Rose did work out for Melo during the Chicago Bulls' pitch to the small forward at United Center, but the things we hear now were the same last year. Okay, maybe he doesn't get injured again next season, but who's to say he will be the MVP-caliber Rose of old? Can he even be the same All-Star caliber D-Rose?

That's one reason why I think joining the Bulls would be dumb of Carmelo. Joining any Western Conference is even worse. It's tough itself to even make the playoffs there. Melo joining a new team and creating chemistry there will be time wasted in the first year with whatever team he could join.

It's more likely Melo can reach the Finals with the Knicks. The Eastern Conference is weak. Heck, Melo's Knicks almost made the postseason this past season with poor coaching and basically Carmelo being a one-man show.

With a new coach in Derek Fisher and a triangle offense that can strongly benefit Melo, why not stay with the Knicks? It makes too much sense. This roster is also good enough to make the playoffs if this almost same exact one became a second seed in the East a couple seasons ago.

5. Enhancing Legacy

Carmelo can save his legacy by staying with the Knicks. He won't have to go through three teams to reach his goal: winning a ring. It'd be harder for him, honestly, to leave in order to get a ring.

Carmelo should trust Phil Jackson and stay, trying to win a ring for the Big Apple. And boy, what wonders would it do for Carmelo and his legacy if he brings a championship for the Knicks.

If Joe Namath got all the attention he did for winning the Super Bowl with the Jets, just imagine what that New York media would do to Carmelo if he won a ring. ESPN would be all over it. Everyone would be all over it. Melo would be considered a hero.

It's been four decades since the Knicks won a championship. Many have tried but failed. Bernard King tried. Patrick Ewing tried. They all did.

If Carmelo is the guy that lead the Knicks to the promise land, it's a wrap.


So there you have it. That's why I think Melo should stay with the Knicks. It makes so much sense for him. Carmelo will reportedly make his decision after this weekend is over. He's definitely going to have a lot to think about.

Hopefully he makes the right move. New York is the way to go, Melo.


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