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LeBron James' decision for the 2014 NBA free agency period might be even bigger than what happened in 2010. As we all know, James surprised us all in leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers to team up with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh on the Miami Heat.

Four straight NBA Finals appearances, two rings, two MVPs, two Finals MVPs, four All-star appearances and an Olympic medal later, James is back to the same place he was in 2010.

On the Cavs, James was coming off a disappointing playoff series loss to the Boston Celtics, who ended up advancing into the NBA Finals. Against the San Antonio Spurs in the 2014 Finals, the Heat struggled. James was the only one doing anything positive. It was as if he was on the Cavs again.

Now James has a huge decision to make.

The four-time MVP several options if he decides to leave. Several teams are targeting James such as the Phoenix Suns, Houston Rockets, Dallas Mavericks, Los Angeles Lakers, Chicago Bulls and Cleveland Cavaliers.

The dream scenario for many is to see James make amends with Cleveland and make a reunion with the Cavaliers. With all the fiasco that's been going on and the reports regarding James with the Heat, it makes too much sense for him to return to the Cavs.

Without a further ado, here are five reasons why LBJ should return to the Cavs.

1) Issues With the Miami Heat

LeBron wants the max. He won't take anything less. For him to return to Miami, he wants that and an improved roster. The problem with that is that it is simply impossible.

Miami has no issue with James wanting the max. He clearly deserves it since he's the best player in the league. It's understandable why James wants it, too.

In his 11-year NBA career, James has shockingly never been the highest paid player on his team. Now it's his time, being that he is still in his prime. Along with that, James is treating this 2014 free agency decision much more in a business-like manner.

So if James does get the max and he wants the Heat to significantly improve the roster, that means Chris Bosh and Dwyane Would have to take significant paycuts. It was reported at first that they would do just that, but now it doesn't seem like the case.

In fact, James is not even on the same page as Bosh and Wade. Bosh and Wade are both content on staying in South Beach, but they have no idea what LeBron is thinking. There seems to be a big issue with that, even if both of the two felt the exact same in 2010 until James did "The Decision."

But Bosh and Wade don't seem to want to take a pay cut. Bosh wants a five-year, $90 million deal. Wade wants a salary in the $14 million range. If James takes the max and the other two take the deals they want, there's no way Miami can improve the roster.

They would be back to square one of trying to sign veterans for cheap. It isn't going to work anymore. Sure, they could make the Finals because of weakened Eastern Conference, but how do they expect to win the Finals with the same formula against squads like the Spurs?

And here's another issue:


It's simply just a lose-lose situation for LeBron to stay. Sure, he can sign a two-year deal for the max with the Heat, but what if Miami only wins one Finals or not at all?

Heck, they could miss out on the Finals both times. The Chicago Bulls are coming for them. So are the New York Knicks ... if Carmelo Anthony stays. Hell, even the Indiana Pacers and Toronto Raptors!

James, Bosh and Wade should just all simply move on. It was a good run, but expecting to see another run like they just had just isn't going to happen. It's not realistic.

Bosh, at 30, is going to regress with his skills from here. Wade has dealt with nagging injuries. LeBron would simply have to carry the team again, and that will wear him out entirely.

It's not gonna work if all three players have the reported mindsets that they do right now.


Flip the page to see how a Cleveland can return can help LeBron improve his image and legacy...

LeBron James Cavaliers July 2014

2) LeBron Can Make Up for Cleveland Fans by Returning, Possibly Improve Image

A lot of folks hated on LeBron for not only just leaving Cleveland, but the way he left. James can fix all of that by just simply returning to the franchise.

But what about the fact that he left Miami? The fact that he's left a franchise before shouldn't hurt too much if he leaves a second time. People know James is willing to do it anyway. And if he's leaving to return to the Cavaliers, it honestly wouldn't be that bad unless if he was leaving for a team like the Lakers or Mavs.

It's guaranteed that Cleveland fans will welcome LeBron home with open arms. It seems that a lot of general NBA fans wouldn't have an issue with it either.

James promised he would bring a title to Cleveland. This would be the perfect time to do it.

3) Cavaliers Are a Younger, Possibly More Talented, Team

It's no question the Cavaliers are much, much younger than the Heat. Looking at that roster, they have more talent, too.

James would essentially have a new sidekick in point guard Kyrie Irving. Irving just signed an extension with Cleveland and he would fit perfectly with LeBron. They both would compliment each other well.

Another food for thought is the idea of LeBron and Andrew Wiggins together. Wiggins has been compared to LeBron, and both of them on the same team is scary thing. The only issue would be how Cleveland plays both guys.

Wiggins play shooting guard, so there's that. Dion Waiters, another young, talented player, would come off the bench as probably a sixth man. Power forward could probably be Tristan Thompson, or he could move to center as Anthony Bennett slides into the power forward role.

The possibilities are endless. James would also join up with old teammate Anderson Varejao, too. And Bennett could finally turn out like a No. 1 overall pick caliber player since James will compliment him and make his game look good.

Just thinking about LeBron on that Cavs roster just looks scary.

4) Cavaliers Can Give LeBron the Max

If the Cavaliers can land Gordon Hayward and offer him the max, then they definitely have the cap space to get LeBron James. It seems likely that the Utah Jazz will match the offer anyways for Hayward.

That leaves the Cavs to get LeBron at the max deal that he wants. Of course, James can take what is close to the max, too. It definitely seems like he is wiling to do that.

Either way, James will be making the money he wants while having a solid, young supporting cast around him. The same can't be said if he were on Miami, since it would be just the Big Three and a bunch of old guys and scrubs.

Meanwhile, James would be with two young stars in Irving and Wiggins while also playing with solid above-average guys in Waiters, Thompson and Bennett. Chemistry could take a while, but this Cavs team is definitely a title-contender from the get-go if James joins.

5) Enhancing Legacy

LeBron James can enhance his legacy big time by joining Cleveland. How awesome of a story is that?

Leaving Miami to redeem himself as a champion. James then returns to Cleveland and leads the Cavs to multiple titles. Just winning one title in Cleveland would be a feat itself. I mean, how long has it been since a Cleveland sports franchise ever won a title?

James would be the true king of Cleveland if he is able to actually win a title for the Cavs. It would be largely defining for his legacy. That first title with the Cavs could be the biggest, since it would be the magic ring No. 3.

If he were to lead Cleveland to multiple titles, it would be unbelievable.

Just thinking about that idea is just ... well, it's unexplainable.


I'm pretty sure James has to be thinking about all of this. To me, a return to Cleveland just makes too much sense for the four-time MVP. And based off all the current reports regarding LeBron with the Heat, my bet is that he goes to the Cavaliers.

Of course, things could all of a sudden change as the days go by.

We'll just have to see.


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