Michael Sam July 2014

Many thought Michael Sam wouldn't have been selected in the NFL Draft after he announced that he was gay. Sam ended up getting drafted by the St. Louis Rams in the seventh round.

Former NFL head coach Tony Dungy recently decided to shed some light on the situation, saying that he wouldn't have drafted Sam to his team. Dungy says he wouldn't want to have to deal with all of that distraction.

"I wouldn’t have taken him. Not because I don’t believe Michael Sam should have a chance to play, but I wouldn’t want to deal with all of it."

"It’s not going to be totally smooth … things will happen."

Dungy has received a lot of flak already for his comments. It would make sense, considering that several years ago he was the one lobbying for teams to give Michael Vick a second chance in the league.

Of course, Dungy isn't alone as many coaches and players have said similar statements.


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