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Michael Jordan holds the record for the largest single-season contract in the NBA history when he signed a $33 million deal with the Chicago Bulls in the 1997-98 season. According to ESPN, it would be worth $49 million in today's dollars.

The contract has now hit the auction book by the Dallas-based Heritage Auctions. The estimate for the contract was $30,000, but bidding is already reportedly over $28,000.

The contract is signed by the GOAT himself on each of the 24 pages of the contract. It would be a cool thing for someone to own ... if they have the cash, of course.

"It's hard to compare this to anything we've sold," said Chris Ivy, the company's director of sports auctions. "It's Jordan, who is in a class by himself, and, to our knowledge, this is the only Jordan playing contract to ever surface."

The most valuable sports contract up for auction was Babe Ruth's 1918 $5,000 deal with the Red Sox. It was sold for over $1 million in a auction earlier in July. There's also Wayne Gretzy's rookie contract, which sold for nearly $50,000.

Let's see how much MJ's contract will go for...

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