Carmelo Anthony July 2014

We reported not too long ago that Carmelo Anthony will be returning to the New York Knicks, likely signing the five-year, $129 million max contract that the franchise offered him.

However, that doesn't stop Anthony from thinking about other teams still. According to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports, Melo is looking to get the $129 million deal first and then consider the destination later. He could demand a trade.


That's interesting by Melo, and very smart at the same time. He can go to his preferred destination while also getting the maximum money possible. The only question is how and when he could get traded. Does he demand it? Are the Knicks part of his plan?

It's an interesting ordeal, nonetheless. My belief is that he just stays with the Knicks for at least two seasons.

New York is likely to be a bottom seed next season unless if Phil Jackson really makes another splash after the Melo signing. In addition, New York can go after a marquee free agent like Rajon Rondo or Kevin Love in next year's free agency once several contracts, such as Amar'e Stoudemire's, are off the books.

We'll see, though.


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