LeBron James Carmelo Anthony July 2014

LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony would like to play together, but there have been too many things in the way for the two to make a duo on any NBA team.

The Phoenix Suns, Philadelphia 76ers and Los Angeles Lakers are a couple of options for the two, but very unrealistic. Phoenix isn't a destination they'd like, and the same goes for Philly. With the Lakers, it's not enough money.

The Miami Heat could work, but it relies on Chris Bosh leaving for the Houston Rockets. And it looks like Bosh won't make a decision until James does. They can't just wait Bosh because it's not going to happen. The money factor also comes into play here.

There's also the New York Knicks. Melo's dream is for that to happen, but the Knicks have no cap space. It will also be almost impossible to clear enough cap space to offer the deals to both Melo and 'Bron.

The other issue, though? The two haven't really been talking to each other recently either. Carmelo hasn't been able to reach out to LeBron as of late, sources say.


It's very interesting, but it makes sense. This could point to the fact that LeBron may be returning to Cleveland, effectively ditching everyone unless if there is way Melo can join the Cavaliers as well.

All signs point to Melo staying with the Knicks, though.


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