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Although Timberwolves star Kevin Love is almost assured to leave Minnesota the instant he can, the Cleveland Cavaliers are not taking advantage of this possibility like they should. Though they probably could flip Andrew Wiggins for Love right now, I'm confused as to what the rush to get rid of him is all about.

Bill Simmons of Grantland made a great point as to why Cleveland should wait it out and see how their core meshes before pulling the trigger on a trade, and I agree considering Love wants to leave and they will not get a fair exchange for the trade unless Russell Westbrook or Carmelo Anthony wants out for some reason.

Even if someone else wanted Love, what are the odds that somebody tops Cleveland's offer of Wiggins? With Wiggins, LeBron has his only teammate capable of being an above-average defender, and this is important when you figure the team to come out the West likely has two All-Stars capable of lighting it up.

Sure, a lineup with Kyrie Irving, Dion Waiters, LeBron, Love and Anderson Varejao could make by almost against any Eastern teams, but what happens when Kyrie and Waiters have to face Chris Paul, Russell Westbrook or Tony Parker?

And let's not act like Kevin Love is going to contain Blake Griffin or Tim Duncan. You would also have to stick LeBron on Kevin Durant for a full game, and that would probably compromise his offensive input.

A duo of Kyrie and Wiggins can each took over the burden for LeBron on offense and defense instead of Miami's strategy of babying Dwyane Wade while they rode LeBron into the ground.

With that core and a solid post defender (because let's face it: Love, LeBron and Varejao would struggle against Indy) they would be more than able to combat a team from the East.

Also, LeBron and Wiggins can throw alley oops to each other on a regular basis; and as good as Kevin Love is, has he ever dunked a basketball in his life?

Yes, Wiggins is raw and Love is arguably the best big man in the league, but Wiggins defense and athleticism will translate over into the NBA and he will not be asked to do much as a rookie. Love might be asked to do more on the defensive end than box out, and that could lead to difficulties.

The one team in the East that could potentially beat the Cavs would be the Washington Wizards and their balanced attack. John Wall's slashing skills and defense could give Kyrie problems, and you might have to stick Waiters on Bradley Beal ... which would not be fun.

If Cleveland can play their cards right, Minnesota will be so horrible that they will be forced to make a trade with Cleveland for whatever Cleveland pleases, and then they can roll out the super-duper ultra quinary of Kyrie-Waiters-Wiggins-LeBron-Love.

With the West getting even better again and the Wolves doing not much other than drafting and signing Zach LaVine, why not roll the dice on this?


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