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There is no question that the NBA is a league driven by stars and spectacular players.

Very rarely does a team have success without the contributions of a top 10 player, as only the 2004 Detroit Pistons boast that claim. While you don't need a star to succeed, it doesn't hurt to have one.

How good would a team of players that have never made the All-star game been? Let's try to find out.

Point Guard: Ty Lawson, Denver Nuggets

With so many great point guards in the Western Conference, Lawson's contributions go unnoticed as he pushes the pace in the Mile High city.

Though the Nuggets only won 36 games this season, Lawson averaged 17 points and nine assists on the season, and made opposing point guards sick at the Pepsi Center where they had to worry about the Nuggets' tempo and the thin air of Denver.

Considering how well he played with Chauncey Billups earlier in his career, he could probably adjust easily to the next player.


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Shooting Guard: Goran Dragic, Phoenix Suns

Another player who could have made the All-Star game as he led the Suns in scoring and assists with a 20-6 stat line, and led them to 48 wins in the rugged West.

Although Eric Bledsoe only played 43 games this season, Dragic had the Suns fighting to the end and barely missed a playoff berth to the eighth-seeded  Dallas Mavericks.

To put his season into perspective, he edged out Tony Parker, Kyrie Irving and Damian Lillard in PER, offensive rating, and wins shared while posting the lowest usage percentage.

Considering how well the point guard worked off the ball with Bledsoe, he should really thrive when teamed with Lawson on this non-All-Star, All-Star squad.

Small Forward: Kawhi Leonard, San Antonio Spurs

If our goal is to advance in the playoffs, we need a wing to combat the LeBrons and Durants of the world, and what better candidate than Kawhi Leonard?

The 2014 NBA Finals MVP is a great all-around player with very few weaknesses, and he is willing to do whatever it takes to win.

With a steadily improving offense game, he should be able to mesh perfectly with our slashers and outside shooters.


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Power Forward: Serge Ibaka, Oklahoma City Thunder

With Kawhi as the top perimeter stopper on this non-All-Star, All-Star team, we also have Serge Ibaka just in case someone gets beat off the dribble or backdoor.

He is also able to hit the midrange shot and pick and pop with consistency, so his defender can't cheat toward a driving Lawson or Dragic.

Center:  Andre Drummond, Detroit Pistons

15 points, 15, rebounds and two blocks every 36 minutes is definitely nothing to sneeze at, and there may not be another big man with his upside save for Joel Embiid.

He may not be a great defender, but Ibaka is always around to help him get out of a jam. If he can put up solid numbers in Detroit, imagine what he can do when he has real point guards feeding him the rock.


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Klay Thompson, SG, Golden State Warriors: You can either let Dragic or Lawson get to the basket, or you can let Mr. Thompson have a wide open 3-pointer. Your choice.

Bradley Beal, SG, Washington Wizards: Same goes for him and Klay Thompson as a Lawson-Beal-Thompson-Leonard-Ibaka lineup would be DEADLY.

Lance Stephenson, SG, Indiana Pacers: Doesn't Lance look like the perfect sixth man? He can shoot 3s, drive to the basket, defend his position and create for others. I think he could be perfect in the Harden/Ginobili role.

Mike Conley, PG, Memphis Grizzlies: The foil to Stephenson to make sure we don't get too wacky when our starters are out.

Taj Gibson, PF, Chicago Bulls: The trio of him, Kawhi and Ibaka would give opposing frontlines fits, and all three can spot up and knock down shots on offense.

Marcin Gortat, C, Wizards: Just in case, we need an extra scoring punch.


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