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U.S. soccer's run is over in the 2014 World Cup as they lost in the Round of 16 match to Belgium, 2-1.

USA trailed 2-0 after two goals by Belgium towards the end:

But Julian Green had a spectacular goal to cut the deficit to one goal. It helped create extra time:

U.S. had multiple chances of scoring, but nothing came closer than what Clint Dempsey had here:

That was ultimately the last chance U.S. had at tying the match. After multiple failed tries, there was only one minute of extra time given in a controversial call:

U.S. couldn't pull through.

Tim Howard kept everybody on the edge of their seats with the constant saves he kept making. He had 16, the most by a World Cup goalkeeper since 1966. He was the real MVP.


I thank USA for one hell of a run in this year's World Cup. They weren't even supposed to make it out of their own group!

For me, I never have gotten more interested in soccer in my life. Neither has the U.S. This country is finally getting with the rest of the program in the world of this amazing sport.

It was truly one heck of a World Cup for the U.S. and one heck of a match.


I was glad to see how U.S. performed, but it's all over. Belgium moves in.

Now let's see if Lionel Messi can win his first World Cup...


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