Shaquille O'Neal August 2014

This is very weird and, of course, extremely frightening.

According to Alvin Gentry, who used to be on the Phoenix Suns coaching staff when they had Shaquille O'Neal on the roster, the future Hall of Fame NBA center used to do naked Brazilian wrestling matches with coaches and teammates as a form of a prank.

"The thing that he did that got to be, y'know, that [Shaq] was notorious for was that every few days - every week or so - he would decide that it was time for this, uh, Brazillian naked wrestling contest," Gentry said, via TheScore.

That thought is kind of scary, considering it's a 7-foot-1, 300-pound man doing it. Gentry says he was a victim of the prank from Shaq.

"So you wouldn't know who the chosen one was," he said. "But what would happen when you least expect it is - this 7-foot, 350 pound guy would turn the corner, and he would be stark naked, grab you, he would take you to the floor, and he would do about five rollovers with you.

"Yes, I was a victim of this," he joked. "I had to go to therapy quite a bit after that."

Here's the full interview, per TrueHoop TV:


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