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Bobby Shmurda has been the topic of discussion lately ever since the rapper's song "Hot N***a" became the hottest track of the summer. The song is mostly known for the dance that is in it, now dubbed as the "Shmoney Dance."

The dance, in my opinion, is pretty stupid. However, almost every celebrity like Chris Brown or Lil Wayne have been seen doing it. To be honest, I do think the song is pretty catchy.

To see what the dance looks like, skip to the 2:15 mark of the music video below:



Now Cleveland Cavaliers shooting guard Dion Waiters has hopped on the Shmurda bandwagon, posting a video to Instagram of him doing the dance.

He copies almost every exact movement, whether it's at what time of the song he does the dance and by also throwing his hat like Shmurda did.

Check it out below:

This that work just caught a body about a week ago...

I wonder what LeBron James has to say about this.


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