Shawn Marion LeBron James Cavaliers Mavericks

Shawn Marion will be joining LeBron James in Cleveland, as he has now committed to signing with the Cavaliers, reports Marc Stein of ESPN.com.

Marion intends to sign with the Cavs sometime this month, though the only offer Cleveland can give as of right now is the veteran's minimum.

Marion was being pursued mainly be the Cavs and the Indiana Pacers, but decided with Cleveland due to them having a better chance of winning a NBA championship along with playing with LeBron.

Marion met with Pacers president Larry Bird recently in a face-to-face meeting. The Pacers have desperately been in need of a strong defensive wing like Marion, who could replace the likes of Paul George for this upcoming season.

Bird, however, recognized the Cavs as the favorites to get Marion, saying, "What I came away with was he's undecided with where he wants to play and what he wants to do. But he does want to play for a contender."

While the Pacers end up with nothing with this whole situation, the Cavs gain another solid role player to add on their championship-caliber roster.

With guys like LeBron, Kevin Love, Marion, Tristan Thompson and others as the forwards, this team is already looking like the Eastern Conference and the NBA favorites next year.


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