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Halloween is coming in a few days, which means people dressing up in the most outlandish costumes.

We have already seen two instances of people dressing up as Ray and Janay Rice in reference to the infamous elevator incident that caused the star NFL running back to be released by the Baltimore Ravens.

One of them is a guy dragging what looks like a giant doll at a party to make it look like it's a knocked-out Janay. That wasn't that funny, but at least it wasn't like these two racist parents who decided going in blackface as the Rices would be a good idea.

Janay and Ray have taken notice, and they reportedly are "praying for those people," according to TMZ. I'm probably going to have to agree with those two. This has gotten way out of hand, and it's not even funny anymore.

In my Chris Crocker voice, "LEAVE RAY AND JANAY RICE ALONE!"


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