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If this report is accurate, then the obvious divide between some Seattle Seahawks players and Russell Wilson would seem to have some merit.

Amid reports that Wilson is playing both sides of the fence in the Seahawks locker room, ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reported that Wilson was made aware of the Seahawks decision to part ways with Percy Harvin more than a month before the trade to the Jets happened. Mortensen also reported that Wilson did in fact argue for the Seahawks to keep Harvin.

Ian Rapoport of NFL.com noted that “some players in the Seahawks’ locker room believe Wilson is more closely associated with management than the players.” He also referred to running back Marshawn Lynch as one of the players who didn’t fully support Wilson.

Rapoport said that “Lynch does not communicate with management or coach Pete Carroll, and that he wouldn’t be surprised if Lynch was gone after this season.”


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