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Well, isn't this interesting?

The title says it all, but here are the details of what this 22-year-old high school substitute teacher, Symone Greene, did with a 17-year-old high school football player.

From BSO:

A substitute teacher in D.C. accused of having sex with a student on her first day at the school pleaded not guilty.

Symone Greene, 22, was working at Options Public Charter School in Northeast D.C. on Friday when she first met the victim, a 17-year-old football player, according to court documents.

The student told police he was working as an office assistant and helped Green twice that day in her English class. The student says he flirted with Greene during class, gave her his cell phone number, and later received a text message from her.

While the student did not recall the exact contents of their messages, he said he did ask if she was “kinky.”

She allegedly responded, ‘I don’t tell[;] I show,” court documents state.

Toward the end of the school’s pep rally that day, the teen went to Greene’s classroom, where she allegedly performed oral sex behind the teacher’s desk. The victim recorded the sex act and later shared the video with his teammates and a childhood friend.

Here is one of their alleged conversations:

Another tidbit:


My guess is that 17-year-old is a legend at his school now.

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