DeMarco Murray October 2014

DeMarco Murray is having one hell of a season right now with the Dallas Cowboys. If he keeps pace, there's potential for him to break the single-season NFL record for the most touches and rushing yards.

The star running back is getting a lot of touches per game, but he hasn't slowed down one bit. Murray is currently getting about 30 touches per game, way up from when he was averaging 17 a game before the season began.

With his injury history in the past, the Cowboys have thought out about decreasing amount of touches Murray gets.

“Well there’s no doubt we look at it and there’s no doubt we’d like to get that cut back,” COO Stephen Jones told Adam Schein of SiriusXM Mad Dog Radio on Thursday. “We’ve got to get our hands around having the ball 30 minutes versus having the ball 33, 34, 35, in some cases 36 minutes, even though you are giving Joe Randle and [Lance] Dunbar some carries when you keep the ball that long. We need to even do it a little more.

“But we’re certainly aware of it. We certainly know that when you touch the ball that many times you are exposing DeMarco to a difficult hit or something like that. So we’re aware of it. We want to do better in terms of reducing his touches. Not by a ton but you’d like to see him get it less than 30 times a game. Between his receiving and running I think he’s in the 35-36 range. So we would like to get that down.”

I doubt Dallas limits his touches. Murray seems just fine where he's at, and it looks like his injury history is a thing of the past right now.

People didn't make a big deal when guys like Larry Johnson, Jamaal Charles, Adrian Peterson, LaDainian Tomlinson and Chris Johnson had their mega-seasons. Why should we treat Murray differently?


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