Gerald McCoy October 2014

Many though the Tampa Bay Buccaneers would be back to NFC South dominance this season with a new head coach in Lovie Smith, but things haven't been looking good at all for this team so far this year.

The Bucs, who were expected to be a good defensive team this season, are actually one of the worst in the NFL. The Bucs have allowed more yards per game than any team in the league, and defensive tackle Gerald McCoy is not happy.

McCoy took to ESPN to diss his squad.

“Yeah. I mean if you look out there on tape and you see a bunch of guys sitting on blocks, are you not earning the title of being soft?” McCoy said. “I mean, guys get so sensitive around the league, but we have to be men. This is a man’s league. This is a man’s league and we’re professionals. Guys have issues with criticism. I’ve been getting criticized since I’ve been in the NFL, and I don’t even feel it anymore. It is what it is.”

McCoy says that the talking isn't going to help his team, though, as he says talk has been going on ever since he came to Tampa Bay.

“But it’s enough talking. We have to start playing, simple as that. The talking is not going to get it anymore,” McCoy said. “I’ve been hearing talking and speeches for five years. It’s time to start seeing action, simple as that.”


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