Brian Wilson February 2015

Since the beginning of professional baseball, facial hair has been around to make certain stars instantly recognizable. Many people feel like it is as prominent as ever, especially when you look at the beards in general.

After all, the Boston Red Sox pretty much made it trendy in 2013 when they were able to win the World Series with a bunch of guys who didn’t shave late in the year.

As we get ready for the 2015 season, here is a look at three of the best beards in the game right now.

Danny Espinoza

No one knows how long Espinoza will keep his new look, but the 2nd baseman for the Washington Nationals has decided to go for a look that pays homage to those in the past.

He was able to get some consistent playing time a year ago, and he is hoping that maybe his facial hair will give him a little bit more luck with a franchise eying a chance at a World Series push.

Brian Wilson

The relief pitcher might still be looking for a deal heading into the 2015 season, but a lot of people feel like he will land somewhere with a little bit left in the tank.

He is certainly not the same pitcher who was a three-time All-Star and the leader in the National League in saves. He is about to turn 33 years of age, but his beard game is as strong as ever.

His facial hair has been talked about so much, there are some who are wishing that he would just cut it off already.

Derek Norris

The Oakland Athletics have a reputation of being a pretty free-spirited team in general. They always have a few players who have prominent facial hair, but right now the leader is Norris.

The youngster has been pretty good for the team as well, so they are more than willing to live with his sometimes-distracting beard.

He will probably be one of the top picks in fantasy baseball money leagues 2015 if he continues to produce.

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