After getting a Spurs-Heat finals the past two years, the basketball gods switched it up. Two teams, including one that hasn't won in 40 year, are meeting up in this year's NBA Finals.

Overall the playoffs thus far has been quite underwhelming outside of a few games to me. Maybe that'll change, as the Warriors and Cavaliers are arguably two of the most exciting teams in the NBA.

LeBron James is looking to bring the Cavs their first championship ever, and his third title. Stephen Curry is looking to bring the Warriors their first title since 1975.

These are two teams with fan bases that have waited forever to bring the trophy home. Expectations on both sides will be high

Here's a list of 5 things that I think will happen in the NBA finals.


Good JR Smith Will Show Up in One of These Games

Love him or hate him, JR Smith has been a huge part of the Cavaliers success in the playoffs. Without a 100 percent Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love, LeBron needed help to pick up the scoring load. Smith was up for the challenge.

I don't know if the Golden State Warriors know this (this might be some confidential information), but JR Smith LOVES to shoot.

Seriously? Has this man EVER seen a shot that he doesn't like?

With Kyrie's health still in question, the Cavs will need JR to step up and get some buckets. Who would doubt the great Earl Smith? Not me.

Boom, prediction No. 1. Put it in bold and all caps


Maybe we'll see stuff like this:

Or this:

Either way, I'm sure Smith will give us with some entertainment, so take a bow.

Bad JR Smith Will Show Up Also

Ah, like the great Nas once said, "Nothing lasts forever."

Hey look, while many people think JR has turned over a new leaf and isn't the same player he was in New York, I disagree. He's bound to have a bad game. Just remember I warned you guys.

Don't be surprised is he does something to leave David Blatt looking like this:

Or this:

Get it together, JR.

Steph Curry Hits Eight 3s in One Game, Scores 40 in Another

Stephen Curry had another amazing season in 2015. He broke his own record for most 3-point shots made in a single season with 286. Curry has now led the NBA in 3-point shots made for the last three consecutive seasons.

Steve Nash even called him the best shooter ever this week.


Let's be real: nobody on the Cavs roster can lock down Steph (sorry, Iman Shumpert). Unless, of course, Curry "accidentally" gets injured by this man

Curry is insane. He's the best shooter I've ever seen and he's the best point guard in the NBA to me.

Expect to see a lot of this:

And this:

Maybe even this?

Seriously , I can't wait to see this man play in the Finals.

Kyrie Irving Wakes Up From the Dead, Has Signature Game

Playing Kyrie a lot of minutes in the regular season probably wasn't a good idea considering his prior injury history. It came back to haunt the Cavaliers in the playoffs, as he's missed a good amount of games.

I mean, seriously — do we call Kyrie "Uncle Drew" because he his body ages like one? Poor attempt at a joke, I know. But Kyrie's injury is no joke if the Cavs want a chance at the title.

He's one of the most exciting players in the NBA. Not only do I want him to have a signature game in the Finals, I'm praying he does ... for the sake of the fans.

I think he'll tough it out and give us one great game.

The Golden State Warriors Will Win it All

Yes, after watching both of these teams in the playoffs and seeing every postseason game, I'm very confident Golden State will be holding up the Larry O'Brien trophy.

Sure, the Cavaliers have the better player in LeBron James, but the Warriors have the more complete team. Basketball is a team game.

The series could be over in five games, but I'll be generous and say Golden State in 6.

The Bay Area will be hyped. Let's just hope E-40 decides not to drop an album

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