A lot of people have been making a huge deal out of Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and singer Ciara's relationship.

Well, not just because both are huge celebrities and both just broke up from their previous spouses (Ciara notably breaking up with Future).

Just recently, Wilson revealed that he does not have sex with Ciara, saying it is for his faith. I am not one to question it, but a lot of people have made fun of it, Future as well. Some don't even believe it.

This story has been getting milked a lot now, and Ciara recently just talked about how fun it is to not have sex with the Super Bowl champion QB.

“It’s until the deal is sealed. Absolutely,” Ciara said, via Bossip. “It was an organic thing for him and I think he was just being honest about where we are. It’s cool when you get to build a foundation with someone on how much you care for each other and really know each other’s personalities, so it’s really fun.”

By Josh Dhani


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