Remember a few years ago, a report came out that a part 2 to the movie "Space Jam" would be coming out, and LeBron James would play the leading role as the basketball star?

Of course, it eventually died down, but who wouldn't love a sequel to the movie that Michael Jordan starred in with the best player in the league of this era (unless, of course, you're a LeBron hater)?

According to reports, James' camp has signed a huge studio deal with Warner Bros, who own the rights to Space Jam.

James announced the move on Twitter:

It's unknown if this means a "Space Jam 2" would happen, but Warner Bros has reportedly been trying to make this happen for years. It's only a matter of time to make it happen now, and James is the perfect player for this role.

Let's pray to the movie and basketball gods (even if the Based God) that this happens.

By Josh Dhani


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