To join the list of recent news about transfers in the EPL, Juventus, a Serie A championship winner, has reported that they have successfully signed Paul Pogba, who will adorn their coveted No. 10 shirt in the 2015-2016 season.

Paul Pogba will be picking up from where Carlos Tevez left.

The number 10 shirt is a significant number in the team as former great players the likes of; Zinedine Zidane, Alessandro Del Piero not forgetting Roberto Baggio. They are all an enormous inspiration to the club’s fans.

Bianconeri fans (Juventus FC fans) are known to take part in bonus bets trying to win money guessing the player to put on No. 10 shirt every time the shirt goes without a player.

Rumour mills doing rounds had decreed that the No. 10 shirt wasn’t going to be issued this season after Tevez left the club in favour of Boca Juniors. The rumours were diverse and many punters took to making free bets as they believe the shirt was being reserved for other new acclaimed players.

To either dampen or increase punters spirits, Paul Pogba requested to be issued with No. 10 shirt and his request was granted. The French midfielder will now wear No. 10 during the 2015-2016 league.

Massimiliano Allegri Juventus head coach stated  at a press conference in Shanghai China that it is never an easy task to issue out No. 10 shirt as all the biggest names in the club’s history wore the number.

Who is this man Paul Pogba?

Paul Pogba has requested the number 10. The shirt may have sealed his fate to work harder than the rest of the team to prove that he is worth wearing it. The coach profoundly believes that Pogba’s position outside of a midfield three may happen in a couple of years’ time.

The coach believes that Paul will play in Andrea Pirlo’s stance (At the front of the defence). 22-year-old Paul Pogba’s fate was pitted in a €80-million bid from another big club Barcelona, which the latter club rejected.

As much as his contract was to conclude in 2019, his prowess as an attacking midfielder is highly attracting attention from the top football clubs in several continents. Paul Pogba is a French footballer who started his football career playing at US Roissy-en-Brie.

Pogba later moved to Torcy, Le Havre and finally in 2009 he joined the English football, league. In England, Pogba joined Manchester United youth academy and he was picked to play for Manchester United’s under 18 team.

He has made quite the impression since then as once he was available for transfer there were many teams trying to nab him.

After a while, Paul Pogba was transferred to Manchester United’s reserves and in November 2010 he was introduced to the world after he was part of the squad that beat Bolton Wanderers FC 3-1.

Bonus bets starting coming in hot and heavy for Paul Pogba after the then United’s manager (Sir Alex Ferguson) placed Pogba in the first team alongside three other youth academy players. The 2011-2012 premier league season had manager Ferguson put Pogba in the first team.

The young French player didn’t disappoint making his professional debut as a halftime substitute in the English Premier League against Leeds United.

January 2012 is the official time that Paul Pogba was introduced into the English Premier League (The big boys’ playing field) and he took Javier Hernández position. Match the same year, Pogba was also selected as a member of the squad that played in the UEFA Europa League.

Paul Pogba made it to the round of 16-second match leg, although Manchester United lost 2-1 to Athletic Bilbao, Pogba’s performance saw punters up their game of free bets in his favour.

For punters following Paul Pogba’s career, they will be happy to note that Juventus has picked the young player for a four-year contract and they can now participate in bonus bets freely!

This article was written by Tony Samboras who is a sports writer with a passion for football. As a big sports fan Tony is always interested in news about the rumours surrounding his favorite sports leagues. In his professional life Tony gets to write about these new developments for an Australian free betting resource.


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