Fans of the Cleveland Browns are tired of mediocre owners who have no problem putting out a putrid and mediocre product on the field.

A group called the “Billion Dollar Browns” is trying to raise a billion dollars, in order to buy the team.

From CBS:

The Browns would be run by a 13-person board of directors that consists of “six great football minds from Ohio — high school and college coaches with a passion for the game — and seven superb civic leaders.”

The group’s plan is to ask one million Browns fans to donate one dollar as an initial pledge. That one-dollar pledge would actually be a $1,000 pledge, but you’d only have to donate the thousand if the initial million was raised.

As far as crowdfunding a football team goes, you could probably do worse than this plan. The group has raised a little more than $500 so far, which is $500 more than most people probably thought they would raise.

The Browns are currently worth $1.5 billion for interested investors.

By Glenn Erby


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