Kendrick Perkins has played around some of the best talent in history of the NBA, so he knows a special player when he sees one.

The newest addition to the New Orleans Pelicans has only been around Anthony Davis a short time, but he already senses a presence in the Pelicans star that compares to Kevin Garnett and Kevin Durant.

“I’ve only been around him a couple days, but as far as his personality and his game, you look at his body and the way he plays, he’s got a lot of Kevin Garnett in him,” Perkins compared of the versatile power forwards, via the Pelicans official team website. “And his personality outside of basketball, he’s got a lot of Kevin Durant in him.”

Davis is already a top five player in the NBA, and will likely take the baton from LeBron in a few years. How long he’ll be the best remains to be seen.

By Glenn Erby


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