Cameron Jordan’s attorney is calling foul on claims that his client smacked a female on the butt and chumped her boyfriend during the altercation.

Jordan, via his lawyer, is denying any of the claims regarding the details of what happened inside that New Orleans club.

Jordan in a statement issued through his attorney, Jordan says he did nothing wrong, per TMZ.

“The allegations in this police report are ridiculous. Cam Jordan did not cause a disturbance of any kind.

“This complaining individual is apparently a jealous boyfriend who followed Mr. Jordan into the men’s bathroom.

“Mr. Jordan did not commit any criminal offense whatsoever and continues to remain cooperative with any law enforcement inquiry into this situation.”

Jealous boyfriend?

So Jordan’s lawyer wants us to believe that the man’s girlfriend wanted to get slapped on her butt, prompting the boyfriend to follow Jordan to the bathroom, even though there’s an obvious weight and height difference, plus there were 10 other Saints in the building?

Good luck with that.

By Glenn Erby


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