Cam Jordan violated the man code with his actions recently, and his behavior really did warrant a fair one.

Jordan apparently let his celebrity status get to his head recently when he slapped a woman’s butt while she was with her boyfriend.

According to the police report obtained by TMZ, Jordan allegedly stated in the nightclub, “I can have any bitch that I want.”

That’s grounds for a fight where I come from.

According to the police report, the accuser’s boyfriend told cops he confronted Jordan about his disrespectful actions toward his GF in the restroom — and that’s when Jordan said, “I can have any bitch that I want.”

The BF says he told Jordan, “She was not a bitch. She’s my girlfriend.”

The man claims Jordan condescendingly asked, “How much do you weigh? 180?”

The BF told him he weighed 190 — and that’s when Jordan allegedly picked him up and “held him high in the air against his will while passersby took pictures.”

That was a clown move by Jordan, and he picked the right guy to bully as well. I don’ wish harm on anyone, but Jordan could have been shot or worse, had he did that to someone else.

Just something to think about.

By Glenn Erby


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