Keenan Allen is balling this season for the San Diego Chargers. Through five games this season, Allen has 39 receptions for 444 yards and three touchdowns.

That warrants some celebration, and according to TMZ Sports, Allen dropped $10,000 on a 14k gold grill with roughly 300 diamonds.

TMZ Sports spoke with Avo at A Image Jewelry — who’s made grills for stars like Chris Brown and Kid Ink — and he says KA recently hit him up requesting a special set for the 2015 season.

The result?! A sick gold base peppered in 3 karats worth of diamonds — and we’re told the whole thing runs in the $10,000 range!

Allen is a huge fan of mouth jewelry — and has been seen out in some of his other A Image pieces (see below) … but the new one is next level stuff.

By Glenn Erby


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