For the loyal Kansas City Chiefs fans or season ticket holders making the $1,200 flight to London to watch the team take on the Lions, you’ll be able to drink your sorrows away at the team's expense.

According to ESPN.com, Chiefs president Mark Donovan said that he wanted to make sure the team rewarded any fans who made the trip.

“What we came up with was, let’s figure out a way to buy them a beer,” Donovan said.

The Chiefs have rented out a pub in London where they’ll be serving the free beer from 3-6 p.m. local time on Oct. 30. The Chiefs game against the Lions is on Nov. 1.

“It’s literally meant to be, ‘Come to London, come to the pub, we’re buying the beers,'” Donovan said. “Of all the people I’ve talked to, and I’ve talked to CEO levels who are going with clients, to season-ticket holders at training camp, and they’ve wanted to know the plans for people who are going to be there. And I’ve told them, ‘I’m buying you a beer, so come see me.'”

The team expects about 800 loyal fans to take them up on the deal.

By Glenn Erby


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