Florida freshman defensive back Deiondre Porter was suspended indefinitely Wednesday morning after being arrested in Alachua County, Florida, which encompasses Gainesville.

Landon Watnick of Rivals reports Porter is facing five charges, including aggravated battery and aggravated assault.

The Gainesville Police Department released the arrest report from Porter’s incident early Wednesday afternoon and his career could be over. He allegedly fired shots at his girlfriend.

On the above date at approximately 0215 hours, the defendant confronted the victim about her being involved with one of his teammates. The defendant began yelling at the victim in her apartment demanding that she tell him the truth about being with his teammate. The victim then retrated to her bedroom to avoid the confrontation. The defendant followed her into her bedroom, produced a handgun, and placed it to her head. The defendand continued to demand that the victim tell him the truth. The victim made numerous attempts to contact the teammate to prove she had not been intimate with him by text message as well as calling but got no answer to either. The defendant told the victim that they would try again in the morning and eventually went to sleep in the victim’s bedroom. The victim slept in the living room. At approximately 0715 hours, later that same day, the defendant began yelling at the victim again about her being involved with his teammates. The victim continued to deny having any type of intimate relationship with the teammate. According to the victim, the defendant became enraged and started pacing back and forth in the living room. During this time the victim was standing next to her front door. The victim stated that all of a sudden she saw the defendant raise his arm and fire the handgun in her direction. The victim said the bullet struck the wall where she was leaning. Shortly after, the defendant left the victim’s residence.

The victim and defendant have been involved in a dating relationship since 2013 and the victim is ten weeks pregnant. The defendant was aware that the victim was pregnant prior to this incident.

During a search of the victim’s apartment a bullet hole was found in the wall near the front door. A .45 caliber shell casing was also found under a chair in the living room in the area where the victim said the defendant had been standing when he fired the gun in her direction.

On 9-30-15 (the following day), the defendant was contacted in a vehicle with another individual by GPD patrol officers. The defendant was the passenger. The driver, a friend of the defendant, was subsequently found to be in possession of a .45 caliber handgun.

By Glenn Erby


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